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Welcome to the Home of “The Zoo Crew”. Proudly we are sponsored by the Sacramento Zoological Society.

It will be our mission to train crew members to be leaders of our community and assist them as they grow.  The adult advisors will be working to guide our crew members so that they understand what it takes to be a leader and lead their fellow crew members in the outings and adventures that they choose.  

We welcome both boys and girls ages 14 to 21 to participate in our program. Whether you are out for just the camping or if you  are interested in earning all the achievements that are available, all are invited to participate.

Our normal meeting day is the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at 2 p.m. Unless otherwise listed on our calendar we will be meeting at the Sacramento Zoo. We meet 15 min early so that we can get signed in and enter as a group. If you’d like to visit our crew meeting please email us so we can make arrangements for your entrance into the zoo.

Michael Sullivan

Crew Advisor Emeritus

A Little Bit About Who We Are

Retiring Crew Advisor Michael Sullivan and Committee Chair Don Nevis show that piracy

is not only an acceptable crew activity but can be quite the fashion statement too!

I must admit that it came as a total surprise to me that my pears thought so highly of my skills as to bestow upon me the mantle of Committee Chair. As I am so completely honored by their recognition of my basic God given skills I can do no less then to step forward and live up to my natural abilities by accepting this post. With this in mind I will be happy to hold court on once every even month whilst my subject’s minions are holding their own meeting nearby. I will endeavor to listen to the needs of my people and to guide them so that they can strive to be more like me someday. I look forward to blessing our crew with my simplest commands and edicts so that we can all benefit from my brilliance. My undeniable magnetism will naturally

attract each family to graciously volunteer one parent upon me as to carry out every office and each task that would be needed by my parent committee as a sign of their commitment to my needs.


I look forward to the years that we will profit from my hand at the wheel of our little non-profit crew. And along the way this will dribble down to our very own children that will recognize the need to obey their parents and live up to their potential. Garbage’s will be taken out at home, pets will be fed without asking and good turns will be done daily all because I wish it to be so.


So take heart that our crews salvation is here and I will do everything in my power to bless you all.


Sincerely Yours,

Don Nevis

Your Humble Committee Chair

Seen here on the left is Sharon Sison our new Crew Advisor. The members of Crew 136 would like to welcome her and let the world know of our appreciation for her knowledge and dedication to the scout program. Sharon will make an extremely great Crew Advisor and we’re lucky to have her!